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Opening my commissions/ Minaya's health

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 20, 2014, 12:34 PM

(Again, sorry for the low quality of my camera at night. Tomorrow I'll take better pictures of him)

[Did you know that Minaya means "My brother"?] 
He is at home with me right now. We are going to give him his medication... and he can swallow it without sneezing all of it through the nose, without risk of neumonia ^w^

The operation has been successful (a little more expensive that they told me, 209€), and Minaya has his palate closed for good (I hope). He bleeds a little because they had to make two incisions because the palate was too tense, but the vet says is Ok. There will be no more problems, I guess, unless a stitch comes out. Although right now I don't want to worry about it. He is at home and he is alright.  Maybe he will be eating, drinking and beheaving normally soon too.
This is not over yet, but we are leaving the hardest part behind! 

Again, thanks to all of you!! :hug:


All thanks to you! Some people have been doing donations just to help Minaya, and today we have reached 170€ (or almost). And, with some commissions that haven't been done/paid yet,  I'll have a little more for paying part of the inspection in July ^^
All of this couldn't be possible without you! I can't thank enoough all the support I've been recieving since Minaya fell from the window. I wish someday I can do the same good as you have been doing to Minaya. 

Speaking of him... He's right now waiting for the operation!! Tomorrow is the big day! Hope all goes well and he can eat and drink normally again, without any risk ^w^

I'll add the happy ending tomorrow, as soon as I bring him from the vet!!

Thanks again :heart: 



Y todo gracias a vosotros ^^
Algunas personas han estado haciendo últimamente donaciones desinteresadas, disparando la cifra del "tarro de Minaya" . Así que hoy hemos alcanzado los 170€ (o casi casi, un euro arriba, un euro abajo). Y, si algunas comisiones que tengo pendientes también se pagan al final, se pasará la cifra un poco para ayudarme a pagar las pruebas que tiene en Julio para saber si se ha estabilizado. Todo esto ha sido posible gracias a vosotros. Sí, vosotros, personillas maravillosas :D Ojalá algún día pueda pagar de alguna forma todo el bien que habéis hecho a Minaya ^^

Hablando de él ¡Está en la clínica esperando a ser operado mañana! Cruzo los dedos para que todo vaya bien y pueda volver a comer y beber con normalidad, sin riesgo de neumonía, sin poder beber directamente el líquido y sin esa tos horrible que tenía al regresar a casa...

Así que mañana añadiré el final feliz de la historia tan pronto como lo traiga del veterinario. Gracias de nuevo :heart:



Hello! I've been away for a few weeks (maybe a month...) because of exams. You know... 
But something have happened that brought me here sooner than I expected. (*YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO*)
Yesterday, my cat Minaya had and accident. He  almost has reached his first year know (I can't say properly, because I took him from a cardbox in a pet shop for 5€. He was the tiniest budy in all his siblings. Also, he was painfully bald and had a his tail broken).
Minaya know has all his hair and, well, his tail looks weird, but it soesn't seems to hurt.

(I know he looks like "let me go, filthy human!")

But yesterday Minaya felt, in the middle of the night, from a window we left open in the
kitchen, over the sink. My flat in Granada is a sixth floor.

Luckily, he is alive. I can't say anything until some more tests tomorrow, but I feel positive about his healing (now, because yesterday I was crying like a five years-old). Unfortunatly, Minaya has suffered some wounds in his accident: He has a fissure in the palate that needs surgery. Also, by now, I've spent almost all the money I had saved from a littel prized I won a few months ago. *Sorry, my phone camera's quality is shit. Also, is in spanish but you can see: Urgent consultation, hospitalization, hemogram, bioquimic 10 pack, radiography and sedation. The second one is the second day of hospitalization (today)*

But it will not cover all the surgery (aprox. 225€ the palate, and some more because I would like to castrate him too,  to avoid possible "trips")
And here it is where commissions begin. Don't feel obligated, I just wanted to explain reasons, because I normally feel bad taking money from my friends. And now I can't if I want to pay some kitty bills.

So... I'll give know the commission information:

Commission's Price sheet by MordredsLullaby (Click this thumb to see it closer and read the comments if you want)
You can see more examples around the gallery. I will really apreciate any commission, and it will help a lot with medical payment for Minaya. 

If you have any other question, please send me a note! And I'll answer as soon as I can. You can also ask me if you prefer, via facebook:…

Thanks for you attention ^^ :heart: 

--------------- SPANISH ------------------------


Bien, como menciono arriba, he vuelto a dA antes de terminar mis exámenes por una razón concreta y personal, la misma por la que abro las commissions ahora: 

Algunos de vosotros sabéis que tengo un gato, Minaya, que es aún jovencito y no llega al año (o eso creo, porque cuando lo traje a casa no me dieron ninguna seña de edad, y por la pinta que tenía el pobrecillo no se sacaba mucho en claro). El caso es que aunque Minaya se ha repuesto de su mala vida donde quiera que viviese antes de estar conmigo (ahora tiene pelo y está un poco rechonchito)

Ayer, Minaya se cayó por la ventana: no tengo ni idea de cómo le pasó, porque por lo general solo le vemos asomarse y jamás pensamos que podría resbalarse. El caso es que... en mi piso de Granada, vivo en un sexto...
Y aunque el gatito ha sobrevivido a la caída, tiene algunas heridas que necesitan cirugía: Se ha hecho una fisura en el paladar (y después de su excursión, en la que casi me da un infarto al darme cuenta de qué había pasado, también quiero castrarlo para ahorrarle más experiencias del estilo). El caso es que ya llevo 180€ en facturas y el dinero que tenía ahorrado no me da como para cubrirle las cirugías que le faltan por realizar:

*perdonad la calidad suprema de mi cámara del móvil de cerca*

Y por eso, llegamos a la parte que venía explicando: abro comisiones con un precio poquito más alto del que tenían antes, con la intención de ahorrar parte de lo que necesito para operar a Minaya. Cualquier petición será bienvenida:

Commission's Price sheet by MordredsLullaby (Clicka este thumb para una información más concreta de las commissions)

Hay más ejemplos por la galería. Preguntad por nota lo que necesitéis sin compromiso. También podéis contactar conmigo por mi facebook si lo preferís:…

¡Muchas gracias por vuestra atención! :heart


EDIT 21/06/14 :  Hi! thank you all for your kind words and your help ^w^
A lot of people have asked me about commissions and rebloged this journal. There's a lot of work to do from now, but is a great beginning!

Today I've been again in the vet, visiting Minaya with my flat mate:

He has been really curious and lovely, purring almost all the time... but it is obvious that he needs surgery for his palate: he coughs everytime he takes a bite of anything (he can only eat a kind of food that resembles pâté, nothing solid because of the fissure) and can't drink: He recieves his water and medication by intravenous). Anyway, I think there's no risk for his life now. Monday, the vet will decide, based on some medical tests, when we can try to fix his palate through surgery. 

Returning to commissions... as I said, a lot of people has been asking! Thank you all of you ^w^ 
Please, keep this spirit alive! 

EDIT 23/06 : So, in a few hours I'll have the results of the tests *fingers crossed* But Minaya has been very cheerful, so, as I said, I'm no longer afraid for his life. Today I'll talk to the surgeon to find a day for the operation. 

Also, I would like to say that... we already have 114€!! And there're a lot of commissions to add to that number :3

EDIT 24/06: Minaya is here! :D 

And the surgery will be by tuesday!! Because the vet fear that he may be catching  a pneumonia because of the fisure. I talked to them because of the money (I have spent all the money I had saved, 350€) BUT they have said that if they find not any other difficulty, the operation could be left in 170€ instead of 225 €, wich is the initial quantity :D (Also I'll wait for the castration to better economic times). ALSO (again, good news) 130€ have been collected from the commissions... so I am almost there ^w^ All thanks to you, guys!!


*porque me da la impresión de que no me he explicado una mierda en inglés...*

Bueno, el gatuni está ya en casita :DDDD
Roncando en un rincón, porque por lo visto el aire le pasa por la fisura y hace un ruidito extraño. 

He estado hablando con los vetes del dinero, de pagar a plazos y tal, porque se me ha acabado el dinero que tenía ahorrado con la última factura (llegué a los 350€), pero me han dicho que, si es sólo la fisura y no hay ningún contratiempo extra, la base del precio la dejan en 170€ (vamos, 50€ menos de la base que me dieron el primer día :D)... y eso quieres decir que estamos a 40€ de ella!! >.< porque esta mañana me han llegado nuevos ingresos y ya vamos por 130€!! Muchas gracias a todos! Estáis evitando que mi madre me descuartice vilmente y ayudáis a que un gatito pueda comer pronto sin toses :' D
Por supuesto decir que los que queráis algún día pasar por Granada, estáis invitadísimos a ver al michino ^^


I'll post here a list of people who is interested in commissions, so you will be able to know where are you exactly. If you're, for some reason, no longer interested, just tell me (Don't worry about it. Shit happens):

1.  :iconlinyaen: >Current state: Waiting for references / Already paid

2. :iconkittyliker:  >Current state: Lineart

3. :iconladywyrm:  >Current state: Sketching / Already paid

4. :iconsemilau: >Current state: sketching / Already paid

5. :iconkawano-katsuhito:  DONE 

Minaya's commission - Katsu and Xian Nu girls by MordredsLullaby

6. :iconaishenzirthen:  >Current state: sketching

7. :iconmiau-nya: >Current state: Sketching

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míralo cómo duerme el angelico -//////-
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El angelico cuando toca la medicación parece la niña del exorcista xD *Ahora mismo está cabreado conmigo y se ha ido a dormir a la alfombra del baño por darle sus antibióticos*
Ains, pero ya puede retener cosas en la boca sin que se le vayan por otro lado <3
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Oh, dear! I'm so happy that everything turned out okey and the hardest part is over! I wish your cat to get well sooon! Petting is sensual! 
I had this kind of situation with my cat and know what pain is this (she is ok now too)
MordredsLullaby Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
What happened to her? o.o Poor thing, hope she has a sweeter way in her past illness than Minaya. He is angry at me right now because he doesn't want to take his medicine >.<  
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